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Future Market Opportunities

Halloysite Nanocomposites Open Up Exciting New Applications

According to market analysts, clay-based nanocomposites will represent 47 percent of the market for plastics nanocomposites by the year 2010. NaturalNano has identified five specific sectors of this fast-growing market that it plans to focus on in the coming year: automotive (lighter parts to allow for increased transportation loads), military (make vehicles lighter, so they will be cheaper to transport), packaging (stronger or thinner, e.g., storage bags, food packaging), aerospace, and electronics. Future opportunities lie in the ability to fill halloysite nanotubes with active ingredients, such as fragrances, colorants, antioxidants, biocides, antifungal agents, pesticides, dyes,  UV protectants, additives for cosmetics, and medical and pharmaceutical device additives and coatings. The nanotube structure also makes possible extended release over long periods of time and under harsh conditions.

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Filled nanotubes allow for use in cosmetics, odor masking, agriculture, medicine, and many other applications requiring extended release
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